What is the Alaska Home and Community Based Waiver?
     The Alaska Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBS) is a part of Medicaid. Medicaid provides specific services. The HCBS Waiver allows for additional services to be rendered in order for an individual to live as independently as possible in their community. In order to qualify for the Alaska Home and Community Based Waiver, a person who is +22 with a physical disability must qualify financially (for Medicaid) as well as physically by meeting Nursing Facility Level of Care.
      A person with a developmental disability (or their family member/ Guardian) can contact their local STAR Coordinator for assistance with the application process to get on the Alaska Registry.

How is Nursing Facility Level of Care determined?
     A screening is conducted by an Alaska Certified Care Coordinator. The Care Coordinator submits the required forms to the State of Alaska Senior and Disabilities Services, the State of Alaska will assign a State Assessor to conduct an Assessment of the person in need of services. 
     Please talk with your Care Coordinator for further information.

What does a Care Coordinator do?
    A person interested in the Alaska Home and Community Base Waiver contacts an Alaska Certified Care Coordinator to apply for the Waiver Services. 
    Care Coordinators act as a liaison between the individual needing services and the State of Alaska as well as between the individual and other service providers. 
    Care Coordinators are required to make two contacts per month, one being face to face and complete required documentation for approved services through the Alaska Medicaid Home and Community Based Waiver Services.

Do you have to be a Certified Care Coordinator through the State of Alaska to submit the paperwork needed to apply for the ALI Waivers and to submit other paperwork for ongoing services?

Do I have to have a Care Coordinator?
     Yes. As it is written on the State of Alaska Waiver Brochure; "S/he will write your plan of care, find service providers, and check on your services. Your Care Coordinator will contact you at least twice each month. Once must be in person to make sure your services are working for you. You may contact your Care Coordinator at any time to discuss your services and any concerns you may have."

What is the ALI Waiver? 
    The ALI Waiver is the "Alaskans Living Independently" Waiver serving clients ages +22 and up. 

What is the IDD Waiver?
    The IDD Waiver is the "Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities" Waiver which serves individuals diagnosed with an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability. 

What is the CCMC Waiver?
    The CCMC Waiver is the "Children with Complex Medical Conditions" Waiver which serves those individuals and their family.